Kailas Clip Up III

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The multi-use and extendable Clip Up III Stick is a helpful tool that helps you clip your fist high bolt. Apart from climbing, it is also well suited for use in rescue and working at height. Thanks to its high performance, it won the Asian Outdoor Industry Award in 2012.


●Aluminum alloy construction with extendable design: lightweight and easy-to-carry

●Twist and lock mechanism

●Unique design at the top holds the gate of carabiners open for easy clipping

●It can be used to clip the quickdraw and the rope into the bolt

●It can be used to unclip the quickdraw

●Standard 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom for cameras and other items


Dimensions: 5 sections, length: 58-248 cm

Diameter: 28 mm

Weight: 365 g

Patented No.: 201220083726.2

Recommended Use: rock climbing/fire/rescue/industry

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