Moon Samurai Shorts

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50,00 €
50,00 €



Made from a highly durable and stretchy fabric, the Samurai Short have become one of the champion favourites for summertime climbing. Tailored with an elasticated waistband with 'Moon Climbing' detail, the Samurai Shorts incorporate a low-profile minimalist design that is versatile across bouldering and route climbing.
Add some colour to your climbing kit with the red Samurai Shorts. Perfect for bouldering and route climbing, the Samurai Shorts are minimal in design, but packed with all the punch of a quality climbing short.

The stretch fabric offers outstanding durability, wind resistance, and is also quick drying. Tailored with an elasticated waistband and a panel gusset for unlimited freedom of movement, the Samurai Shorts are the perfect summer accompaniment when you're ready to crush your hardest problems.

Featuring two low-profile hand pockets, the Samurai Shorts are designed to be above knee length, and will fit very comfortably under a climbing harness.

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